Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Choosing my industry

The official stock sector I chose was under the "Technology" category, and called "Multimedia & Graphics Software".  This is an umbrella for games developers of both software and hardware.

I chose to follow video games industry because I keep hearing mixed opinions about its current health.  On one hand, I hear it's the only sector to show any growth in the past couple years.  That it can't fail, and will only get bigger and bigger and bigger.  That the consumer base will keep growing and diversifying, and now would be a good time to jump in as an employee or investor.  

Then I hear that it's actually struggling, much because larger parent companies (like Sony) have taken a dive. 

 Or that it's just very volatile right now, that some companies are going gangbusters while others have been left in the dust.  

Then, that it's games on mobile platforms, or online games, that are destined to succeed, while traditional consoles are old hat and destined to decline.
Here's a general article that discusses this and about whether the video game industry can "make a comeback".

With all of these differing opinions (mostly from here say, and bite-sized articles intended for the general public, I decided it might be a good idea to follow the industry for my stock project, and dig deeper.  

I'm also interested in finding out more about the film industry, and how it compares to games.  While there are many film companies on the Yahoo list of interest to me, the publicly traded companies seem to be over-generalized, often encompassing the entire distribution process and film networks.  It didn't seem like as good a way to understand the industry.  

not only because I may want to do some work for them in the future, but also out of 

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