Thursday, June 17, 2010

Checking out Gamasutra

 I found a good site that provides latest news about the game industry from more of a business angle than art.

Gamasutra has a vital news center that might be valuable in staying current with the industry and perhaps even helping to predict my stock.

It seems that 3D gaming is on the horizon, following the successes of the technology in the film market.  Even casual gamers would be willing to jump on the bandwagon, according to the consumer electronics association.

I have an interest in what Sony is into, especially because two of my stocks are heavily invested in it.  The push for 3D gaming is also in my article.  There seems to be confidence that Sony will hold the lion's share of the platform market over Microsoft.  It makes me wonder whether it would be a good time to invest in Sony's hardware...

Something of direct interest to me is of cloud computing which seems to be the buzzword these days in a variety of fields (such as office document editing).  I just saw an arcticle from my businessweek subscription here.  A partner of EA, Gaikai, specializes in allowing players to stream games on their computers without downloads.  This is a step ahead of many online MMORPG games, which still require users to download a client.
Due to the success of games such as Runescape (which also run entirely in the browser), it is clear that cloud gaming will broaden the consumer base, especially casual gamers.
I had thought of EA to be my "conservative, control-variable" stock.  Perhaps they will innovate more than I'd thought...

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