Wednesday, July 7, 2010

3G support for unnamed game company(s)

According to this article, some unspecified game companies are looking for 3G support from NTT DoCoMo, a major wireless carrier.  This really demonstrates how much the media is converging.
This would be a big leap from the wifi connections currently accessed by the likes of the Nintendo DS and the PS3!  So are there any hints as to who's going to adopt this technology?  

While Nintendo didn't say anything about it at the latest E3 convention, a hint may be taken from their pricing, which they're planning to raise by $50.00, and doesn't plan to make it higher for fear of limiting their market.  Does this mean that the wireless will be included for sure?  How much would it cost to include it?

Sony also has its reasons to go after 3G, being that its portable "Go" player is entirely reliant on wireless downloads, as opposed to offering the option of disks.

Another thing to consider is the service... will connection be included in the initial device price?  That's what Amazon did with the Kindle, as opposed to monthly fees.  Satoru Iwata, President of Nintendo, supposedly expressed interest in this approach...

No matter what happens though, it's good to know there will be some more overlap between the two industries.

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